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"What a wonderful day - our parish women felt blessed to have Lisa with us. As she presented the eight virtues for generous living, we felt how genuine and human she was. Here was someone who was walking the same walk we were, not someone just telling us how we should live our lives. Throughout the course of the retreat, she connected with the participants on a personal level. Lisa modeled the virtues of generous living that our retreat centered around and reaffirmed for us that God has called us all to generous living.  Lisa was so easy to work with in the preparation stages of the retreat and while she was here. She was open to ideas and helpful with suggestions to make the day work for our parish women. We are thankful for the days she spent with us and would love to have her back in the future."

Muriel Graham, retreat organizer, St. Patrick Catholic Church, Washington, IL,

Mrs. Hendey visited St Patrick School in Washington, Illinois and spoke to 3 different age groupings of students. Each presentation had the same core message, but each was delivered according to the age group present. She easily adjusted to each grade level and the knowledge the students had of the topics. What I liked the most was how each presentation included active participation from the students. Eager hands were raised to interact with Mrs. Hendey. Her responses were driven by the dialogue that she received from the students. Her genuine interest in the topic, whether the faith aspect or the writing aspect, was picked up by the students. I would definitely recommend Mrs. Hendey and the Chime Travelers series. Thanks, Mrs. Hendey for a wonderful morning for our students!


Muriel Graham, Librarian, St Patrick's Catholic School, Washington, IL,

Lisa Hendey speaks at Columbus Catholic Women's Conference in February, 2018

"Lisa was warm, delightful and engaging at the 2018 Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference. It was an honor to host her at our event with 3000 sisters in Christ gathered together. Her beautiful words resonated in our hearts. She joyfully shared her deep faith, love of Christ, and most importantly her heart. Thank you, Lisa, for your ‘yes’ and for encouraging us to ‘Be Brave!’" Michele Faehnle, Co-Director Columbus Catholic Women's Conference (February 2018) - Audio archive

"Lisa Hendey is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Lisa took the time to get to know the women of Columbus through her own research and in getting to know the leadership team. She delivered a compassionate talk that seemed to speak to each one of the women on an individual basis. I highly recommend Lisa for your next conference or event." Julie Naporano, Co-Director Columbus Catholic Women's Conference

Michele Faehnle and Julie Naporano, Co-Director Columbus Catholic Women's Conference ,

I heard about the Chime Traveler books through a friend of mine.  When I was chatting with our school board president one day I mentioned them and she bought and donated the books to our library.  I read The Secret of the Shamrock and loved it.  Our whole school was able to Skype with Lisa (with our fourth-grade class coming up with pre-made questions) at an assembly and I have heard how much the children enjoyed the experience.  I have had several of the children ask about checking the books out of the library and someone always seems to have one out.  Guess I better get more copies!

Anita Rader, Librarian, Most Precious Blood Catholic School, Fort Wayne, IN,