#WATWLisa “What’s Awesome This Week, Lisa?” for July 27, 2018

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Someone challenged me this week to speak out about the horrific news of abuse making shockwaves around the country and within our Church. Frankly, you'll find me saying very little in writing on the topic because I'm sickened, hurt, despondent and unable to do much except utter prayers (which sound more like pleas, cries for help and understanding).

I'm not a pundit. I'm not an apologist. I'm not a theologian. I'm not an expert. I'm not even particularly holy. I'm just a woman in the pew who loves Jesus Christ and is constantly striving in her own way to better know God's love and share that love with the world around her.

So you're not going to hear me or read me saying much about our current woes. I frankly don't have any answers to solve them. This being said, having had a front-row seat for the good, amazing, AWESOME work of the Church around the world both here in the US and in far-flung places like Africa, Asia and South and Central America, I remain convicted about my own personal commitment to Christ's gospel commission and to supporting faithful entities within the Church that rise to fulfill that important mission.

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Like many of you, I am reeling. But interestingly, I also find myself on my knees more frequently now, seeking time alone with Jesus, questioning what I can personally do to serve my Church and our world, and begging God for mercy and forgiveness and healing. I don't know what is to come. I only know to err on the side of generosity and kindness, to look for and attempt to serve the victimized and marginalized in our world, to pray for good discernment and to never stop striving to love.

Please, I would beg for your prayers that in my own little corner of this Church, in my pew but also out in the world, that I can love and serve in a way that pleases God and blesses others. And please know that you are always in my prayers.

My Stuff:

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  • My Lisa Hendey & Friends podcast guest this week was Drew Pultorak, a team member at Bishop Barron's Word on Fire. We discussed their latest project "The Mass" and what it's like to work with Bishop Barron. Listen online here. Subscribe to the podcast here.
  • Danielle and I chatted this week about the challenges of overcoming jealousy and competition on the CMCast - listen online here.
  • I recently had the joy of appearing as a guest with my friend Peggy Normandin on her great EWTN show "Call Me Catholic" - listen online here.

Other People's Stuff:

  • The Holy Land Gift Shop, which supports Christian families and artisans living and working in the Holy Land, is having a clearance sale! Visit their site for bargains and learn how you can support the mission of the Franciscan Friars in the Holy Land.
  • Big news from Bishop Barron and Word on Fire! In August WoF will be hosting a 10th Anniversary FREE Online Screening Event with the goal of reaching 1,000,000 people. One episode will be shown per day over the 10-day period of August 7-16th. Anyone who signs up at CatholicismSeries.com will be able to watch the whole series right from their phone or computer during these 10 days.
  • One of my favorite musicians and authors, Fr. Rob Galea, filmed an awesome new music video collaboration--shot entirely on iPhone at Universal Studies(!)--with Joe Melendrez. Check it out here!
  • Allison Gingras is always coming up with amazing ways to help people connect with their faith. She's my guest on next week's podcast, but head over here now to learn about her newest project, "Stay Connected Journals".
  • Who doesn't love deacons? They do so much to serve so many! I have two awesome deacon features to share this week: meet Deacon Greg Kandra here and discover how he was called to his vocation out of the ashes of 9-11 AND read this excellent article on how this week's major gathering of deacons in New Orleans was a needed emotional and spiritual boost for OSV editor Gretchen Crowe.

New on My Bookshelf:

My favorite read this week was The Call of the Wild by Jack London. After my recent visit to Jack London State Park and time spent with my awesome "grandpuppy" Calvin, I couldn't put this classic down.

I received the following titles for review this week from publishers and in most cases have not yet reviewed them but am happy to share new titles. The links here are Amazon affiliate links - I will earn a small commission on any purchase you make and thank you for your support of my work.

One of my most awesome adventures this week was enjoying Disneyland with my family. Here's a front row seat to a few minutes of the awesome parade we enjoyed:

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