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#StayHome: Lisa’s Update from the Ball Chair for 4/27/20

Doing my best to "stay home".

Looking at the news today, we're beginning to hear about states around the country who are "reopening" and allowing people to venture forth from their homes. This hasn't happened in Los Angeles yet. Our current "safer at home" order has been extended through May 15. I have the sense that even if we are permitted to leave our homes after that date, life will be very different for several months.

An update on this week's work and upcoming fun from @LisaHendey and trying to #stayhome Click To Tweet

Since my husband is not only an Emergency Room physician but also an administrator, I'm especially grateful for the initiatives that have been taken to lessen the burden on our hospitals. I don't intend this as a political statement (I don't "do" politics in my writing). I'm not an expert in the arena of public health, just a wife and family member doing her best to live amidst our current guidelines. I struggle daily with my personal tendency toward wanderlust. I'm a frequent traveler for a reason... I simply love visiting new places and meeting new friends. That being said, I'm prepared to stay home for as long as it takes. This time has given me a renewed appreciation for the blessings of home and family.

I've also been busily making a list of all of the places--both local and distant--I'd like to explore when it's safe to go out. At the top of my list is the beach, closely followed by several of our local hiking trails. As soon as I can get on a plane and be permitted to go inside their Assisted Living facility, I'll race to Chicago to see my parents. Beyond that, I recently printed a map of the US and discovered that I only have eighteen states where I haven't spoken, so I'm daydreaming about some road trips to serve in parishes and schools in those places. My "wander wish list" grows daily, but I'm taking suggestions so be sure to leave me a comment with your recommendations!

It's been another busy week, so here are some personal highlights since my last update:

As a bonus feature (Proud Mom Alert!), here is a wonderful video our son Adam Hendey created for a weekend music camp. Even if you're new to Celtic music, I recommend watching this five minutes of fun even if only to smile at Adam's creativity!

A question for you: What are your state's plans for loosening of "Stay at home" restrictions? Where will you go when you're permitted to be out and around?

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