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Global Prayer Challenge for Mothers

Join the Global Prayer Challenge for Mothers

When faced with challenges and situations whose solutions are beyond our control, sometimes, the only thing we can do is pray. We may think of this with discouragement, wondering if our offerings to God can truly make any difference. I was encouraged to learn recently about the Global Prayer Challenge for Mothers. The brainchild of Delphine Ang, the Global Prayer Challenge is a seven-day journey to unite women in prayer as a response to our worldwide pandemic. The Challenge will take place from July 18 to July 24, with a variety of inspirational leaders sharing messages of faith, hope, and love. Today, I'm happy to share a recent conversation with Delphine Ang, who shares her motivation for leading this initiative.

Delphine Ang

Congratulations on the launch of the Global Prayer Challenge for Mothers. What inspired you to undertake this project?

Thank you, Lisa. I was actually prompted to do this 7-Day Global Prayer Challenge for Mothers on 28 Jun 2020 about 12ish in the morning. I was lying on my couch with my then 4-month-old baby and thinking about how I would be launching another prayer challenge when I felt it in my spirit to change it to a Global Prayer Challenge for Mothers. Then it occurred to me we all believe in the power of words, the power of a mother's prayer and also the power of a unity prayer - then why shouldn't we be doing a Global Prayer Challenge for Mothers especially during this pandemic to unite all mothers, to call out the prayer warriors in us mothers to exert our spiritual authority to pray for our children. I know many mothers are hurting, many children are hurting. The bible did say in Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Now more than ever, we need to stand in the gap, intercede and storm heavens for our children and the children of the world. The dates were also given to me. Even though twice I prayed asking for more time, I felt the Lord said that the dates stay. He ‘said’ I don’t know what’s in the spiritual realm but He knows so we must unite to pray. Though it is a daunting task to put something like this scale and have it in three weeks, I know if it is ordained by the Lord, it shall be done. I am only his mouthpiece, hands, and feet.

What can participants expect in terms of the format?

I have a total of 20 guests and each day for about an hour, I will have 2-3 guests to come teach and share with us how they pray for their children, what are some of their struggles, and what are some miracles or testimonials they can give. Each guest will end her session by leading us into prayer.

Who are some of the prayer warriors who will be leading us in prayer?

I have some phenomenal speakers. I am so thankful that they said 'Yes'. I have Kate Wicker, author of Getting Past Perfect who said it must be Holy Spirit led as she would normally not entertain such an invitation. So did Emily Jaminet who co-wrote four books including Pray Fully; Divine Mercy for Moms and her latest Secrets of the Sacred Heart especially when the invitation to be part of this Global Prayer Challenge came from someone in Singapore. There is also Mary Lenaburg, author of Be Brave in the Scared.  When I read her story I was just moved to tears. We will also pray with Deanna Bartalini, Elizabeth Ficocelli, Heidi Hess Saxton, Kaitlyn Clare Mason, Olivia S Anderson from the US. We also have Virginia de La Hamayde, Sue Sundstrom from the UK, a Reverend Sonia Akepomeza from Austria founder of Praying Mothers International Network, Rosanna R Vidal who wrote The Gospel in My Kitchen Sink from the Philippines, Estelle van Wyk from South Africa, Vanessa Kibirigi from South Africa, Julie Matthews from Australia as well as Shelley Ee from Singapore.

What have you learned in organizing this initiative?

I have learned that with God all things are possible. Truly within a week and a half, I have twenty confirmed guests who are notably accomplished women who said yes and many of them were so enthusiastic and very humbled. They told me that they felt honored to be invited. I do feel humbled that they would want to be part of this initiative. I also found out that what may seem to be just a prompting for me from the Lord on June 28th, He actually placed visions in a couple of my other guests some years ago. Rosanna from the Philippines that the Lord wanted her to be a world missionary some years ago and she was wondering how that would happen and she knew when she heard of this global prayer challenge from her goddaughter, this would somehow bring a fulfilment of the mission God has placed in her heart some time ago. I had a vision some years ago of Mother Mary and I holding hands and our hands kept stretching to accommodate the teens, youths coming into our space with Jesus spinning round and round us and giving off lights (it's actually sparklers) and that coincides with Emily's much earlier vision from years ago of women across the global holding sparklers in the air. It is so bizarre yet so beautiful that God has orchestrated this and planned this from before - and we are just here to execute His plans. We may not understand or know how, but when we offer up our 5 loaves and 2 fish, He will do the rest.

What are your hopes for the Challenge?

My hope is truly to inspire hope in mothers and to encourage them to persevere in prayers - to keep on loving, to keep on praying. In Galatians 6:9, it is written "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Those times when they are not able to pray, their sighs and cries are also prayers to God. Those times, when they cannot pray, there are other mothers standing in the gap to pray for them. Of course, it is my greatest prayer and hope that mothers, real mothers around the world, be part of this worldwide movement and this will be a beautiful experience when they would encounter the Lord in a personal way. I know that when we show up, God will certainly touch us and bless us mightily. I do foresee that many mothers will be giving inspiring testimonials of miracles they witness just being a part of this Global Prayer Challenge. When we all show up as one, God will surely show up and show off. There will be healing, restoration, forgiveness, reconciliation, and liberation - there will be joy and peace in the hearts of those who join this challenge.

Are there any other thoughts you would like to share with our readers?

For mothers to forgive themselves, stop martyring ourselves - we do not need to have it all together and it is ok. We may be mothers to our children, but we must never forget that our children are His children and He loves them more than we do and that we too, are God's children. I would also like to share with your readers that there is no better time than now to be part of a meaningful initiative that allows you to leverage on the power of unity prayer and ask favors from God. This is a non-denominational event but as a Catholic, I am personally praying for Mother Mary - who is a mother too, she understands a mother's heart to come and intercede for us. Whatever denomination you are, let us join hands and pray together for our children who need our prayers for they now live in a world of chaos, violence, and confusion. Now is the time for us, mothers to rise up as prayer warriors to speak and pray life over our children.

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