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Sharing My Faith Journey at America Magazine

My work was recently featured in America Magazine, the Jesuit Review of Faith and Culture.

I recently had the opportunity to share a bit in writing and on a podcast about our transition to Los Angeles and how it impacted my spiritual life. In case you missed it, I thought I'd share those features here. As I wrote in this article, our big move happened at sort of a pivotal time in our lives. It's been an unexpected delight, but not without some circumstances that have caused me to ask God big questions.

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Find the article "Here’s how one Catholic stays faithful in the city of angels" here (and please remember that I didn't write that headline - I would have said "tries to stay faithful"!)

Find the podcast from "America This Week" here

Huge thanks to Fr. Matt Malone, SJ and his entire team at America Magazine for this wonderful opportunity to speak from the heart.

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